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Built to enhance your experience on the water, the WaterLand Ashor Sunglasses are a performance-oriented pair of shades with a sleek look and comfortable feel. Loaded with the latest eyewear technologies, the Ashor Sunglasses rely on TR-90 nylon frames with snapback hinges for a lightweight and comfortable fit and feel. Textured Snugpad arm and nose grips help to keep your shades securely on your head in any activity, condition, or level of perspiration. They also sport a carefully designed wrap around frame to block out more peripheral light intrusion and enhance your sight fishing abilities.

Encased in their unbeatably lightweight frames, the WaterLand Ashor Sunglasses are home to premier lenses that are crafted with anglers in mind. The lenses are constructed with several layers that combine to provide crisp views and lasting durability. Additionally, WaterLand offers a range of lens colors specifically designed to excel in common conditions found during a day on the water. Incredibly comfortable and undeniably clear, the WaterLand Ashor Sunglasses provide industry-leading, fishing-focused features so anglers can see the difference a quality pair of shades makes.

-WaterLand Ashor Sunglasses
-Lens Cloth

Frame Fit: Small-Large

WaterLand Technologies:

HueView Lense Layer Technology – Anti-Reflective Coating - The advanced Anti-Reflective internal coating prevents distracting reflections from bouncing back into your vision to give you a clean, crisp view.

HueView Polarization Layer Encased in the layers is a hi-def polarized HueView filter to absorb the horizontal light that causes glare to give anglers the ability to see vivid images while boosting color and enhancing contrast.

2x Scratch Resistant Coatings Two coats of industrial, scratch-resistant polymer coatings ensure utmost protection from accidental damage.

Polycarbonate Lenses The lenses are made from impact-resistant polycarbonate material that is best known for its high strength and lightweight properties.

Multi-Layer Mirror Coatings The WaterLand mirror finish reflect harmful light off the lenses to create a brighter field of vision.

Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coatings The outermost layers have an oleophobic coating that resists oil from your hands as well as a hydrophobic coating that quickly repels water.

TR-90 Frames – The WaterLand frames are made from advanced TR-90 Nylon material, a thermoplastic polymer known for its long term resistance to breaking, cracking, and wear, especially in extreme temperature conditions. It is lightweight and flexible, making it the optimal frame material for all day comfort on the water. 

Lens Colors:

Blue Mirror – These lenses work best in bright, sunny conditions on the open water. Glares are minimized so that you can quickly see underwater stumps, grass edges, structure changes, and bait flickers. 9% Light Transmission

Green Mirror – High contrast lenses are extremely important for sight fishing flats and shorlines. The green mirror overlaid on a copper base lets you visualize objects throughout the entire water column, especially in sunny conditions. Detect fishing line movement, discover beds, and see the subtle water swirls that will catch you more fish. 9% Light Transmission

Silver Mirror – Silver mirror lenses are your best all-purpose choice for everyday sunny and cloudy conditions. They are designed for the lifestyle angler who wants to wear them on and off the water. 9% Light Transmission

Waterland Ashor Sunglasses

Color: Matte Black frame with gold light mirror lens
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